1. Q: Can I get an additional bin?

    A: Yes
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  2. Q: Is there anything I can't put in the bin?

    A: Basically nothing that explodes or is hazardous to the environment. You may not place hazardous material in bin. Hazardous as deemed by Municipal, Provincial, Federal or other applicable regulators including the landfill site.

    Examples of prohibited materials may include : toxic or hazardous waste, petroleum products, ash, batteries, sewage, carcasses or other organic materials, liquids, oil, gasoline, paint, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, vehicle batteries, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, ammunition, fireworks, deep freeze or refrigerators, air conditioners with Freon.
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Bin Delivery Questions

  1. Q: Where do you put the bin?

    A: Bins must be placed on owners property. For placement keep in mind power lines, watermains, property line and vehicles which might be in the way.
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  2. Q: Do I need to be there?

    A: No, but payment has to be arranged prior to delivery time, or at dropoff time.
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  3. Q: Will it ruin my driveway?

    A: Soft asphalt may dent; Paving stones could shift; Solid concrete surfaces should be fine.
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  4. Q: Do you deliver on the weekends?

    A: Yes.
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Bin Pickup and Dump Fees

  1. Q: What if the Bin is overloaded?

    A: The bin is considered overloaded if waste is over the top of the bin. We are unable to haul loads safely if they are overloaded. Any garbage over the top will be placed to the side of the bin before it is taken away.
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  2. Q: Can my neighbours also put their garbage in the bin if it is not full?

    A:Yes we encourage you to fill the bin as we charge a flat rate for dumping. Your neighbours will thank you for it!
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  3. Q: If the dump is closed do you leave the bin in my yard?

    A: No we have a storage yard where we keep our bins until the dump re-opens.
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